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Jakub Kozioł

about me

Let me briefly introduce myself. I come from Poland where I live in a small town called Tarnobrzeg. For the last 14 years my biggest passion is landscape photography, which I’m constantly trying to develop in. It’s definitely not a hobby but a passion, to which I devoted myself entirely!

With this website I would like you to step into my world, in this world you will see photograps taken in Norway, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic and photos from Poland, the country I live in. Each photo taken by me does not arise from any coincidence.

I always carefully plan each photography expedition and try to conscientiously prepare by starting the search for the exact location of the chosen site, the direction of the rising and setting sun, topographic map and by ending with the weather forecast. During the research and planning of places, the imagination in my head begins to work, the realm of dreams – how I would like to shoot the landscape, under what weather conditions, whether it’s at a misty morning or the golden sunset. Living far distance from the planned area of the journey I must also rely on luck and favor of mother nature;) We all perfectly know it doesn’t always go as planned, there are outdoor photo shoots, which unfortunately sometimes do not meet our expectations, we are disappointed on one hand and on the other we are already planning the second shoot to try again. I always tell myself – if you take a photograph with the necessary passion it will gives you back the inestimable joy. I chose photography among other reasons because I can share with it, and present different sites in its original way as I perceive this particular scene.