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Switzerland is a small country strewn with nothing but mountains and with a bang. Places that require effort, but after reaching the place they tear them out of their shoes. Glaciers are a characteristic feature of Switzerland, but unfortunately they are melting at an alarming rate with the change of the climate, which is why they need to be photographed as soon as possible.

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Lofoten Islands - Norway

Lofoten Islands | Norway

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For years I have dreamed of visiting this amazing place, a Mecca of landscape photographers. My dream came true. I visited the places planned before, the conditions were fine with a lot of rainbows and beautiful sunrises. It will be my best-remembered trip by car!

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Dolomites | Italy

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Three meetings with the Dolomites gave me the view that in my opinion it is the 2nd best place I have visited after Lofoten. Martian views as if untouched by human, huge mountain ranges, winding roads and shelters in the best possible places, you want to go back there all the time.

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Tuscany | Italy

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A characteristic land where you can see clearings on which bubbles have grown, is also a place of mega-climatic towns where you can feel the Italian spirit full of smile and joy

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Taty & Pieniny Mountains

Taty & Pieniny Mountains | Poland

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A series of photos from several years, my heart is closer to the magical Pieniny, especially in autumn, although our Tatra Mountains are also interesting!

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Beautiful towns where you can taste real pizza, wine and cheese, are also places with history and beautiful architecture, but in Liguria you can feel like in a movie, colorful towns by the sea, who would not want to spend their holidays there?

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South Moravia - Czech Republic

South Moravia | Czech Republic

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Nice people and a lot of well-kept glades prepared as if for photographers, and delicious grapes – you must see it.

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I was there only 2 times and for a very short time, I will definitely visit these places again because these churches located in picturesque places are worth it!

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Ponidzie - Poland

Ponidzie | Poland

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So Polish mini-Moravia, discovered quite recently, I visited these places in large numbers to present them in various conditions, I hope you will like it

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Saxonia - Germany

Saxonia | Germany

Saxonia, České Švýcarsko, Germany

Mix of photos from a one-time trip to the characteristic finger-shaped mountains – Saxon, as well as Czech Switzerland and Germany.